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Basic issues

see also SC3D/Work programme

The standards produced in this area of activity answer the need of the electrotechnical  industry for an IEC library of unambiguous data definitions i.e. a library including representations of technical facts, concepts or instructions in a form suitable for support of communication and information sharing.


Main publications

Whereas the original work was mainly focused on electronic components, the work now addresses the whole field of electrotechnology as requested by the industry. The result is published in IEC 61360 Standard data element types with associated classification scheme for electric components, of which the first part IEC 61360-1 Part 1: Definitions - Principles and methods, IEC 61360-2 Part 2: EXPRESS dictionary schema, and IEC 61360-5 Part 5: Extensions to the EXPRESS dictionary schema describe principles and methods describe the basic principles and the applied information model. IEC 61360 DB (earlier IEC 61360-4) contains the collection of data element types. This database is accessible without subscription.

The used information model, produced by WG2 of ISO/TC184/SC4 and IEC/SC3D/WG2 is accepted in both ISO and IEC and published not only in IEC 61360-2 but also ISO 13584-42. Close co-operation is maintained with relevant committees dealing with other areas of industry.

There is a rapidly increasing world wide demand for computer-sensible information, coming from original information providers (OIPs), value added producers (VAPs) and equipment producers (EPs) for a variety of business functions for management and exchange of technical product information.

The communication infrastructure developments over recent years provide for ever increasing opportunities for information exchange in electronic form.

Standardisation of data formats is essential to facilitate efficient and cost effective communication of computer-sensible information.

In view of the above, the market requires the timely availability of standards and there is thus a need for a shorter time to market of relevant standards.

Closely related topics: Formal definitions for objects , Information modelling.


Maintenance work and new projects (2010-01)

The content of the IEC 61360 DB is mainained continuously, by the introduction, change or withdrawal of individual data element types (DETs). The evaluation of changes to be made and the validation of the changes is varried out by Validation Team SC3D/VT61360.

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