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Basic issues

see also TC3/Work programme

Document and documentation management is about the description, structuring and control of documents and document collections on specific subjects during their life cycle in order to make the information retrievable and reliable.


Main publications

International Standard 82045 Document management, is a series of standards dealing with different aspects of document managment. Many organisations are today introducing electronic document management systems, and the need for this standard is therefore urgent. The series contains several parts: IEC 82045-1 Document management, Part 1: Principles and methods, and IEC 82045-2 Document management, Part 2: Metadata and information models, are the basic ones.

The series is a common effort between IEC TC3 and ISO TC10. SC8 of the latter TC has developed ISO 82045-5 Document management, Part 5: Application of metadata for the construction and facility management sector.

IEC 61355-1 Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment - Part 1: Rules and classification tables , is a standard that provides a system for classification and coding of document kinds. The importance of this standard has been increasing with the introduction of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDM, EDMS) since the "document kind" concept supports retrieval in such systems.

This standard is accompanied by IEC 61355 DB - Collection of standardized and established document kinds, providing brief definitions of a set of internationally standardized document kinds, including requirements on the contents of information, references to appropriate sources and the applicable classification in accordance with IEC 61355-1.

IEC 62023 Structuring of technical information and documentation provides the link between plant or product structuring and document management.

IEC/TR 62154 Terminology in the area of information structures, documentation and graphical symbols, is a compilation of terminology relevant for document and documentation management.

Closely related topics: Structuring principles and identification, Preparation of current document kinds.


Maintenance work and new projects (2010-01)

As the result of a review by TC3/MT23, the documents 3/970/MCR and 3/971/MCR have been circulated suggesting reconfirmation of IEC 82045-1 and -2 resp. with 2014 for new maintenance review and 2016 as new maintenance result dates.

Document 3/967/MCR has been circulated suggesting revision of IEC/TR 62154 (to be carried out by the Secretariat).

IEC 62023 is presently under revision. The work is carried out in Maintenance Team TC3/MT20. Document 3/988/CD for IEC 62023 Ed. 2 has been circulated for commenting, closing 2010-04-16.

IEC 61355-1 Ed. 1 has recently been revised. The work was carried out in Maintenance Team TC3/MT19 with close relation to similar ongoing work in ISO/TC10. The present activities are focused on expanding of the content of the database.


Another Proposed Work Item (PWI 3-7) is ISO/IEC Documentation system (system description), intended to present an overall view of how the existing IEC and ISO standards fit together. A Working Draft is presently in preparation. Project Team TC3/PT41has been set up to carry out the work.

Other Proposed Work Items belonging to this area, but presently with low activity, are (PWI 3-3) D ocumentation of products, systems and plants with integrated technologies, (PWI 3-4) Integration of documentation into products, systems and plants.
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