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Users of these standards are encouraged to propose improvements of the standard either through their National Committee of the IEC or directly by e-mail to the Maintenance Team Convenor (contact information available by clicking on TC/MT links). Click on the Preview icon to view the contents and scope of each publication. Click on Review date to view work in progress.

A list of all publications and work in progress for TC 3 is also available from the IEC website.

Publication Scope/
Title TC/MT Release
IEC 61355-1 Ed. 2 Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment.
TC 3/MT 19 1997-04

IEC 62023 Ed. 1

Structuring of technical information and documentation.
Adopted as EN 62023: 2000
TC 3/MT 20 2000-04 2007
IEC/TR 62154 Terminology in the area of information structures, documentation and graphical symbols TC3 2005-10 N/A
IEC 82045-1 Ed.1 Document management, Part 1: Principles and methods
Adopted as EN 82045-1; 2001
TC 3/MT 23 2001-09 2014
IEC 82045-2 Ed. 1 Document management, Part 2: Metadata elements and information reference models
Adopted as EN 82045-2: 2004
TC 3/MT 23 2004-12 2014
ISO 82045-5 Ed. 1 N/A Document management, Part 5: Application of metadata for the construction and facility management sector ISO TC10/SC8 2005-08 2010
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