Formal definitions associated with objects within their life cycle
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Basic issues

see also TC3/Work programme

Information models provide an architecture to exchange or to share data among CAx-systems. The information models are not designed to provide extensive semantic information associated with the objects dealt with in a given industrial context.

The need of separate companion standards providing semantic definitions associated with such objects will provide high quality data and allow an automated data processing by computers. This area, however, is not yet fully explored and for which the need is increasing in order to increase the quality of information.

Closely related topics: Information modelling, Data element types.


Main publications

IEC/PAS 62515 Ed. 1 Requirements concerning the interoperability between electromechanical and electrical applications in CAx- systems, provide definitions relevant to the interaction between electromechanical and electrical CAx systems.

IEC/PAS 62569-1 Ed. 1 Generic specification of information on products - Part 1: Principles and methods is intended as the first part of a standard series defining methods and guidelines for the establishing of generic electronic specifications of information for products (including plants, systems, equipment or components, in the following all called products), along its life cycle for later use e.g. in the procurement, operating and maintenance.

No standards are yet issued. However, initial work is going on in industrial co-operation groups, with the aim to provide specifications for objects that are currently used in electrotechnical installations.


Maintenance work and new projects (2010-01)

Generic specifications of information on products (blank detail specifications, functional specifications, data sheets, ... ) are product descriptions so well structured that they are not only human readable but also computer sensible and computer interpretable. This new work has been on the list for Proposed Work Items (PWI 3-1) for some time and preparatory work has been going on.

The work on IEC 62569-2 Ed. 1 Generic specification of information on products - Part 2: Structure of specification, is going on in the Project Team TC3/PT 41. Any draft has not yet been officially circulated.

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