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Users of these standards are encouraged to propose improvements of the standard either through their National Committee of the IEC or directly by e-mail to the Maintenance Team Convenor (contact information available by clicking on TC/MT links). Click on the Preview icon to view the contents and scope of each publication. Click on Review date to view work in progress.

No standards are yet issued, nor are any projects officially started. However, initial work is going on in industrial co-operation groups, with the aim to provide specifications for objects that are currently used in electrotechnical installations.

Publication Scope/
Title TC/MT Release
IEC/PAS 62515 Ed. 1 Requirements concerning the interoperability between electromechanical and electrical applications in CAx-systems PT40 2007-08 2012

IEC/PAS 65569-1 Ed. 1

Generic specification of information on products - Part 1: Principles and methods 
PT41 2009-06 2011
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