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TC3 could 2004 celebrate 10 years use of its Web site

The TC 3 web site came into use during 1994 and was first hosted at the Chiba University in Japan. After the setting up of the required facilities at the IEC Central Office in Geneva it was moved to that location where it resides since the end of 1997.

This use of the web was early, taking into account that the first Web browser: Mosaic had become available first in the fall of 1993.

The early use of the web by TC3 did to a very high degree depend on Professor Hiroaki Ikeda at the Chiba University in Japan, who could offer facilities for the site at the university, and was personally very much involved in the management of the site. As Secretary I noted with surprise that whenever during the day (or night) I e-mailed updated web pages to him to be placed on the site - I could not access directly at that time -, they were there and active in just a few minutes.

The report from the TC3 plenary meeting in Makuhari, Japan, in 1995-05-25 (see RM 3758) tells, under item 19:

The WWW server at Chiba University holds presently IEC information relevant to IEC/TC3, i.a. about the organization and a graphical database for retrieval of symbols according to IEC 417.

The site has of undergone a number of "face-lifts": the original was of course from a layout perspective uncomplicated since it had to be updated by means of  "html hacking". At the move 1997 it was updated, but nevertheless managed fairly independent of the official IEC site, since this was at that time not so well developed. Since then a number of "own" pages have been successively replaced by links to the official IEC site. The latest change took place during 2006 and it is a major change where the site has been integrated into the official IEC site with regard to layout as well as to the use of available resources.

The e -mail (over the Internet) had been used by enthusiasts from 1990, and 1995 an e-mail exploder was set up, according to the same report:

The Japanese National Committee offers to set up an e-mail exploder for use in the work of TC3 with SCs. The exploder will be in action directly after the meeting.

This was gratefully accepted by the Committee. 11 -12 persons are presently able to access email and the number is expected to increase rapidly.

The CO should be directed to promote e-mail, but we must run the normal procedure in parallel. Give a strong recommendation that members in this committee adopt e-mail.

Decision: The setting up of the e-mail exploder and our recommendation to use e-mail should be mentioned in the Report to the CA.

Because of this decision, the officers and many delegates of TC3 were very early users of e-mail, which has improved communication considerably.

Does anybody remember how we managed to get things done before 1994?

Per-Åke Svensson
Secretary of TC3


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