SC 3C 2008 - Prague, Czech Republic
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Meeting documents ("green documents") are documents that are not officially circulated to the National Committees in advance (min. 5 weeks) of a plenary meeting, but presented for information or produced at the meeting by the delegates present.

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Meeting documents for the SC 3C Plenary meeting
Number Title "Green" meeting
3C(Prague/Secretary)01 Report from Validation Team 60417 – P-members’ participation on voting 3Cprag01.pdf
3C(Prague/Secretary)02 FYI – Dialogues between IEC DMT secretary and TC 3 officers after TC 3 co-ordination meeting April 2008 3Cprag02.pdf
3C(Prague/Secretary)03 Preliminary result of circulation of 3C/1585A/DC, Review of IEC 80416-3 Ed. 1.0:2002 PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)04 Preliminary compilation of comments on 3C/1587/DC PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)04A Consolidated preliminary compilation of comments on 3C/1587/DC PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)05 Revised draft agenda as Meeting Folder



3C(Prague/ISO TC145 /SC3)06 Liaison report from ISO TC 145/SC 3 PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)07 SC 3C Action Plan - extracts from SBP PDF
3C(Prague/Secretariat)08 Proposal of editorial review of SC 3C scope PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)09 Some key terms and definitions on safety related discussion PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)10 Confirmed daily report from SC 3C meeting on 2008-10-06 PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)11 Draft 2nd day report from SC 3C meeting on 2008-10-07 PDF
3C(Prague/Secretary)12 List of decisions PDF
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