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Meeting documents ("green documents") are documents that are not officially circulated to the National Committees in advance (min. 5 weeks) of a plenary meeting, but presented for information or produced at the meeting by the delegates present.

The meeting schedule is also available. Click here to retun to the list of meetings.

Meeting documents for the TC3 Plenary meeting
Number Title "Green" meeting
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)0A Meeting folder with all relevant documents including green documents issued during the TC3 Meeting and the Workshop. EXE
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)1 List of delegates PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)2 List of meeting documents PDF
3(Stockholm/Secvrtariat)2A List of meeting documents PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)3 Report from the Secretary PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)4 Report from the TC3 workshop PDF
3(Stockholm/SC3B)5 Report from the Chairman of SC3B Documentation PDF
3(Stockholm/SC3C)6 Report from the Chairman of SC3C Graphical symbols for use on equipment PDF
3(Stockholm/SC3D)7 Report from the Chairman of SC3D Data sets for libraries PDF
3(Stockholm/Reekum)8 Report on the ACET and ACET Area 4 meetings in Geneva PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)9 Report on the status of the IEC 60617 database and the status of the implementation of the new procedures PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)10 Report from the Validation Team for IEC 60617 PDF
3(Stockholm/WG1)11 Report on activities in TC3/WG1 Revision of IEC 60617 Parts 2 -11 PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)12 Report on activities related to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IEC ISO ITU UN/ECE concerning standardisation in the field of electronic business PDF
3(Stockholm/Denmark)13 Report from the Danish National Committee, the Danish Standards Association PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)14 Report on the use of the TC3 web site. PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)15 Report on the questionnaire 3/565/Q PDF
3(Stockholm/Secretariat)16 Day report from the meeting of TC3 PDF
Meeting documents for the TC3 Workshop
Number Title "Green" meeting
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)1 Workshop program (Revised) PDF
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)2 TC3 Workshop - Program item 2 PDF
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)3 Workshop Program (Slide) PPT
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)4 The questionnaire PPT
3WS(Stockholm/Radley)5 The IEC Data Dictionary PPT
3WS(Stockholm/Reuter)6 IEC 820245 Document management PPT
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)7 IEC 60617 Database PPT
3WS(Stockhjolm/--)8 Not used -
3WS(Stockholm/Secretariat)9 Notes from the TC3 Workshop PDF
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