TC 3 2009 - Tel Aviv, Israel
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Meeting documents ("green documents") are documents that are not officially circulated to the National Committees in advance (min. 5 weeks) of a plenary meeting, but presented for information or produced at the meeting by the delegates present.

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Meeting documents for the TC3 plenary meeting
Number Title "Green" meeting

3(Tel Aviv/PT30)1

Report from PT30


3(Tel Aviv/PT38)13 Report from PT38 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/MT21)4 Report from MT21 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/CZ)5 Position of the Czech NC on doc 3/952/DA pdf
3(Tel Aviv/Secretary)2A List of participants in Plenary meeting pdf
3(Tel Aviv/MT18)6 Report from MT18 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/TC16)7 Liaison report from TC16 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/NO)8 Comments to the agenda from the Norwegian NC pdf
3(Tel Aviv/SC3C)9 Report from the Chairman of SC3C pdf
3(Tel Aviv/MT17)10 Report from MT17 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/PT41)11 Report from PT41 pdf
3(Tel Aviv/SC3D)12 Report from the Chairman of SC3D pdf
3(Tel Aviv/Secretariat)14A Revised Daily report from the meeting of TC3 in Tel Aviv 2008-10-21 pdf
Meeting documents for the TC3 workshop
Number Title "Green" meeting


List of participants in TC3 workshop pdf
3WS(Tel Aviv/Secretary)2 Presentation of Dynamic symbols pdf
3WS(Tel Aviv/Secretary)3 Technical trend assessments, Dynamic symbols pdf
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